Summer is coming to an end here in New England. The summer sun is setting earlier and soon there will be a chill in the air. I tend to notice that when the leaves start to fall off the trees, and as the temperature drops, people’s emotions seem to drop, too. They seem to get upset and lose that summer vibe—the vibe of adventure, happiness, and fun. So instead of losing that positive perspective, why don’t we keep it all year round?

In the spirit of summertime, I’ve rounded up a list of 28 things you can do to uplift your heart and mind, embrace the season, and create your own little inner summertime. Some of these are seasonal, but most of them are just things that tend to give you good feelings, that uplift you in a way that makes you feel the way summertime does: hopeful and happy.

  1. Take a photo walk in nature.
  2. Re-read your favorite book.
  3. Meditate outside (or at least try!).
  4. Save your money and go somewhere tropical.
  5. Watch a summer-time film.
  6. Go somewhere totally new.
  7. Exercise (or walk…) outdoors.
  8. Play with a cat or dog (or kid!).
  9. Call an old friend for a chat.
  10. Donate what you don’t need.
  11. Go to the beach (you can even stay in a car with the heat up and look at the waves!).
  12. Start keeping a daily diary.
  13. Throw an impromptu party.
  14. Start a mini garden.
  15. Clean one room of your home.
  16. Listen to some new music.
  17. Take 5 deep breaths.
  18. Get up one hour earlier.
  19. Wear bright colors.
  20. Draft a gratitude list.
  21. Treat yourself to a massage.
  22. Make an inspiration board.
  23. Give someone flowers.
  24. Do something crafty.
  25. Lay in the sunshine (with sunscreen!).
  26. Take a super silly selfie.
  27. Add the fireplace channel to the television—pretend you’re at a campfire!
  28. Smile at strangers.

As you keep summertime alive in your mind and spirit, remember that fall has its virtues, too! Fall is a great time to dig deeper into your mind and refresh your spirit. One way to do this is to spend time reflecting on what it means to be you, which you can do by dedicating time and attention to learning more about yourself.