Assessments: Getting to Know Yourself

“The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find yourself you will always be someone else. Become yourself.” — Myles Munroe

Welcome to the first topic of the course: assessments! In this session, we’ll do a few of my favorite exercises that will help you to reflect on where you’re at today and why you’re seeking some support.

In the video, I’ll introduce a series of worksheets. After I introduce them, pause the video and complete the exercise. You can find downloadable files below the video.

Let’s get started!

Mental Health Assessment

This is an interactive assessment from Psychology Today that can help you dive even deeper into where you’re at today. 

What’s up next…

When you’re ready, the next module is called “Your Story.”

This module is all about what brought you to this moment in time. It’s about using the data of your life to work with yourself, rather than against yourself

When you get your story out in the open, you can start to see things from new perspectives. It’s out and in front of you which also means you can start to do something about any problems you see or want to solve.