COVID-19 Wellness Kit

During these unique and rattling times, it’s important to be mindful of our well-being. Our existing anxieties and concerns still exist while the world around us is changing. This is why I have put together some resources and words of wisdom to help us practice self-care, something that is crucial now more than ever. I invite you to explore these resources through the links below.

Below, you’ll find a checklist that can help you understand if COVID-19 is triggering your mental health issues. Click the button to download the PDF.

How to Encourage Your Teens to Comply with Social-Distancing Measures

These tips will help you to help your teens adjust to the difficulty of isolation.

Fun Activities

Here, you’ll find some activities that are meant to build positivity and introspection. Click each button to download the PDF activity. 

External Resources

These are links, clips, and infographics from other sources that I have found helpful. 

Four Core Strategies For Managing Stress and Anxiety